Author Guidelines

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review ABOUT THE JOURNAL for the journal's policies.

Publishing in this journal is free, no submission or article processing charges apply.

To submit a paper as an author you first need to be a registered user and log in to your account.

When you make a submission you need to upload at least 3 documents:

    • The text file of your article with the authors’ names removed and sanitized of all references to the authors
      • Go to “file” -> “info” ->Click on “check for issues” -> Click on “inspect document” -> in the "Document Inspector" dialog box, select the check boxes to choose the types of hidden content that you want to be inspected -> Click "Remove All" -> Click "Close and save the document)
    • The cover page for your article containing the title, authors’ names, abstract and key words
    • A supplementary file of names of suggested reviewers with their email addresses and affiliations
    • Any other supplementary files that you wish to include

In addition, keep in mind that by publishing in IJAHP, you are participating in a broader conversation of our AHP/ANP community. For this reason, it is important to explore if your work is related to previously published research in this journal. How can you find out? Click LOOKING FOR IJAHP TOPIC RELATED papers to learn how,

Click DOWNLOAD STYLEGUIDE to download the document to use as a template.  The styleguide shows how to format your paper for this journal including margin settings, line spacing, fonts, references and so on. You can download the document and use it as a template as well since it has the necessary styles embedded in it.

Authors will need to include a Data Availability Statement at the end of the manuscript and prior to the references as follows:

Data Availability Statement: The Data from this study are available upon request to the corresponding author to either editorial team and community in general for replicability and transparency reasons.”

Authors must upload the dataset used in the study along with the submission files for editorial and review purpose.  Also, for survey studies, authors will be required to include the questionnaire(s) used as a separate file and include a sample of the questions as an appendix in the manuscript.

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Publishing in IJAHP is inserting yourself in a scholarly conversations in this publication. Prior to submission, the author(s) should make sure of understanding the current status of the discussion about his/her topic in this journal. Authors are not required to cite works from IJAHP but must show they know what has been done in their specific field of research in our journal as well as in the other relevant academic outlets.

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