Published Dec 27, 2011
Arvind Jayant Pardeep Gupta Suresh Kumar Garg


The purpose of this work is to describe an application of the Analytic Network Process (ANP) method to model the influence of various factors on supply chain logistics strategic decision making in competitive business environment. Logistics plays an increasingly important strategic role for organizations that strive to keep pace with market changes and supply chain integration. Logistics and supply chain management are currently evolving due to external factors such as strategic alliances, technological changes, cycle time compression and an increasingly competitive environment. The present model is flexible enough to structure this complexity by evaluating logistics strategic strategies by utilizing a systemic multi-attribute analytical technique. This paper explores and illustrates an analytical framework in a real life environment to assess an organization’s logistics strategy and challenges with varying levels of success.



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Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Analytical Network Process (ANP), Logistics Strategy, Supply Chain Management, E-procurement.

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Jayant, A., Gupta, P., & Garg, S. (2011). AN APPLICATION OF ANALYTIC NETWORK PROCESS TO EVALUATE SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS STRATEGIES. International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 3(2). https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.13033/ijahp.v3i2.76