Published Dec 11, 2012
Majid Azizi


Identification of preferable wood panels according to market share, competition and quality is necessary until the investors and manufacturers help to develop the industry and preserve the market share. The quality and quantity of Iranian wood panels is growing successfully. The preservation of market share will need to identify preferable wood panels taking into consideration several criteria and their intensities. Wood panel’s criteria include moisture percentage, density, thickness swelling percentage, water absorption percentage, and bending strength. Each one of the criteria has three levels of intensity. In this paper, the criteria and their intensities have been evaluated by applying AHP. Then, the wood panels have been ranked according to the AHP evaluation. The results indicate that density of the product and its high intensity has the highest priority. The Ghazvin panel has the highest priority, and moisture percentage criterion is very sensitive in comparison with other criteria.



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AHP, wood panel, intensity, attribute, priority

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