Published Dec 23, 2020
Praveen Goyal Divesh Kumar Vinod Kumar


Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis is a decision-making technique that is used by practitioners and frequently discussed and applied by researchers. This present study attempts to review the literature of applications of MCDA techniques in the area of sustainability using citation analysis. For the data collection, the Scopus database was used. With the help of related keywords, 701 research papers were identified and found suitable for analysis. These papers were then analyzed based on country, author, citation, year, and other criteria to demonstrate the pattern of research applying MCDA in sustainability. The CiteSpace tool was also used to present the clusters, citation analysis, and keywords as bursts. The findings of the present study will help future researchers better explore the field.

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Goyal, P., Kumar, D., & Kumar, V. (2020). APPLICATION OF MULTICRITERIA DECISION ANALYSIS (MCDA) IN THE AREA OF SUSTAINABILITY: A LITERATURE REVIEW. International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 12(3).


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Citation aanalysis, Citespace, MCDA, Sustainability

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