Editor Guidelines

Here are some useful videos on how to manage common editorial tasks in OJS 3.

The videos are embedded on the page so please click on each of them to start playing.

1. Editor: Pre-editing request

Request changes to the submitted paper before sending it to the reviewers

2. Editor: accept/reject without review

Decide about the paper without going through review rounds, e.g. when a paper's topic doesn't fit the journal's scope or if the paper is an invited essay

What to do if you want to reject and archive or just delete a paper?

3. Editor: assign paper to editor

Manage the unassigned papers by assigning them to editors

4. Editor: send to review

Start the 1st round of reviews

Watch the following video to see how to correct the mistake of assigning self as a reviewer

5. Editor completes a round of review and initiates another if needed 

6. Editor: viewing paper's history

7. Editor: send to copyediting

This is the last step for the editor. From this point the copyeditor will handle the rest of the production along with the editor-in-chief.

8. Copyeditor: handle copyediting