Call for Papers

Special issue on

AHP/ANP Scholars and Practitioners: The Next Generation

The purpose of this special issue is to collect a high-quality selection of applications done by master-level students. These students constitute the next generation of  AHP/ANP scholars and practitioners. Currently, master-level students don’t get encouragement to develop and extend their AHP/ANP projects beyond course requirements. Our IJAHP team considers that giving these students the opportunity to expand their studies and write their report at journal level will help them to develop an interest for more advanced work with AHP/ANP in the academia and the industry. Given that scholarly publication involves a learning curve and requires supervision, all submissions will require to be sponsored by a faculty member who may be listed as the last co-author in the paper submission. This will constitute an initial assurance that the paper has been revised by a competent AHP/ANP professional prior to its submission to IJAHP.


Notes for prospective authors 

Submission Deadline:  July 1, 2016

  • Submission papers must not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Acceptance will be provided on rolling basis.
  • Submitted papers will be formatted according to IJAHP guidelines.
  • Sponsoring faculty contact information must be included in the notes for the journal editor at submission time and/or listed as last co-author specifying the role as faculty sponsor.
  • All papers must be submitted online at
  • For any question email: