Uploading a Paper to this Journal

To upload a paper you must first be registered as a “User” of this journal. To register do the following:

·         Click REGISTER from the menu at the top of the IJAHP web page and fill out the registration form.





·         Be sure to include the “author” role from the list at the bottom of the registration page.




·         Your own personal “User Home” tab will appear as a selection in the top menu whenever you log in as a registered user.

·         Click “User Home” to get to your personal User Home page.

·         Click Author on your User Home page to get to your personal Active Submissions page. 




·         Click “Start a New Submission” on your personal Active Submissions page and

follow the instructions to upload your paper.




·   You can track the progress of your paper whenever you log in by clicking USER HOME on the top menu and

selecting “Author” to get to your personal Submissions page where you can keep up with the status of the paper

as it moves through the review process, then hopefully, the editing and publishing process.