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Dr. Thomas L. Saaty (Creator of AHP), Dr. Enrique Mu (Editor-in-Chief), Dr. Luis G. Vargas (Senior Editor), Dr. Birsen Karpak (Associate Editor), Dr. Antonella Petrillo (Associate Editor), Dr. Valentina Ferretti (News and Events Section Editor) and Mrs. Rozann W. Saaty (Managing Editor)

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Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Words from the Editor-in-Chief PDF
Enrique Mu


Applying the Analytical Network Process to Identify New Retail Scenarios in the Province of Trento (Italy) PDF
Patrizia Lombardi, Silvia Giordano, Grazia Brunetta, Ombretta Caldarice
Decomposing Value Creation when Assessing Investments: A Multicriteria Approach Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process PDF
Dolores Guerrero, José A. Gómez-Limón
A Review and Critique of MADM Methods and Applications in Business and Management PDF ()
Jiri Franek, Katerina Kashi
Environmental Impact on the Vendor Selection Problem in Electronics Firms ― a Systematic Analytic Network Process with BOCR PDF
Hsu-Shih Shih, Chi-Bin Cheng, Chiau-Ching Chen, Yi-Chun Lin
Change Dynamics in Maharashtra State Small Farming Systems ― Field Survey and Analysis through the Analytical Hierarchy Process PDF
Anand Jalindar Rajguru, Narendra G. Shah, Ganesh Ramkrishnan

Essays, Reviews & Comments

Selecting a Journal for your AHP/ANP Publication: a Guide for Beginners PDF
Enrique Mu

News and Events

International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process 2014, some Highlights PDF